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How to think

What happened last week in Texas and their power grid was horrifying. It was made worse when politicians started using the story to push their agendas, even while people were without power, water, and shelter.

(J.D. faced his own weather and power crisis too in the Pacific Northwest, which is why you’re getting me for a second week!)

One of the common stories was that wind power was to blame. As it turns out, it wasn’t the fault of wind power but a lack of winterization across the entire system (and that the system was on its own grid to avoid federal regulation). My point isn’t to debate that particular issue but to point out that it’s important that we focus more energy on how we can improve our own ability to think and come to conclusions of our own.

We are often told what to think and what to believe but we aren’t taught how to think – because that makes us less vulnerable to manipulation.

5 Mental Frameworks Exceptional People Use Every Day [] – “The highest-performers don’t use “tricks” or “hacks” to achieve greatness. They use mental frameworks that fundamentally change the way they see the world. Below are the five mental models that I’ve identified exceptional people use every day…”

How to Think: The Skill You’ve Never Been Taught [Farnam Street] – “No skill is more valuable and harder to come by than the ability to critically think through problems. And schools don’t teach you a method of thinking, you have to do the work yourself. Those who do it well get an advantage and those that do it poorly pay a tax.”

How I Became a Poker Champion in One Year [The Atlantic] – “One of the world’s best players taught me his unique psychological style of play—and it worked.”

Last one is a fun one – The Puppet Master Who Brought ‘Star Wars’ to Life [Great Big Story]