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How to think for yourself

Today, Paul Graham is best known as the co-founder of Y Combinator and a very creative thinker. (

I love his blog and this post is special:

How to Think For Yourself [Paul Graham] – “One of the most effective techniques is one practiced unintentionally by most nerds: simply to be less aware what conventional beliefs are. It’s hard to be a conformist if you don’t know what you’re supposed to conform to.”

How We Sold Our House To Zillow For A Profit [Beyond Pennies] – “In the Spring of 2019, we sold our Phoenix, AZ home to Zillow for a profit after owning it for two years. I’ll run through the steps of our transaction and our opinion of the process.” I had no idea Zillow bought houses! (hat tip to for finding this article)

How climate change could spark the next home mortgage disaster [Politico] – “Buyers and lenders are now able to assess the risks of climate change damage by using simple apps — a technological revolution that is placing a warning label on millions of properties from seaside New England to low-lying areas vulnerable to hurricanes across the Southeast to the arid, fire-prone hills of California. And once buyers start refusing to pay top dollar for such homes — and insurers stop underwriting policies on them — the more than trillion-dollar Fannie-Freddie portfolio could take an enormous hit, big enough to knock the economy into recession or worse.”

The Traffic Merchant [Buzzfeed News] – “Daniel Yomtobian built an empire on dubious online advertising traffic. It finally crumbled.”