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How to take a digital detox.

Today is Tuesday, and this is Apex Money. I have three stories and a video for you today. Enjoy!

How you can take a digital detox this summer. [Becoming Minimalist] — “The key is not to throw out all tech, but it would be wise for all of us to reboot, take a step back, and realign tech into its rightful place in our lives. The leaders of technology are not going to stop warring for our focus, our time, and our money. We must learn to fight back in a responsible way if we’re going to live lives that matter.”

Minimal on purpose. [No Sidebar] — “If minimalism is anything, it’s intentional. When you enter a minimally furnished and decorated room, you’re forced to realize that whatever is there is there deliberately. It’s been chosen.” [Whoa. I had never considered this aspect of minimalism before. It’s curation. Maybe that’s why it appeals so much to me…]

How to make a decision. [Out of the Blue] — “All of us are like guitars who frequently get out of tune. Withdrawing away, disrupting our rhythm, and giving ourselves plenty of free time, can tune our strings to their true notes. Then once we return home, we can play and create the way we were meant to.”

To close things out, here’s a good interview: Angela from Women’s Personal Finance chats with Kiersten of rich&REGULAR.

I know I’m terse today. Sorry. Be back tomorrow with more! 😉