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How to spoil your kids (or grandkids, or someone else’s kids)

Spoiling your kids is bad… unless you do it the right way. 😀

If You’re Going To Spoil Them, Do It Here [Daily Dad] – “Books. Travel. Culture. Spoil them rotten with these things. To the best of your ability, show them everything you can here. Immerse them in them. Immerse yourself in them. That’s how we raise kids who are the opposite of spoiled—by stoking their curiosity about people and ideas and places that are different from them.”

This one has nothing to do with money but I found it useful…

Everything You Know About Lightning Safety in the Backcountry Is Wrong [Outside] – “Crouching reduces your likelihood of being the tallest point on a landscape. But, paradoxically, lying down puts you in even more danger than standing up. That’s because when you’re lying down, you maximize your contact with the ground. That makes ground strikes more likely to affect you. It also makes it more likely that a ground strike could enter your body through a foot and exit through your arm or neck—arcing through your heart along the way.” The lightning facts at the end are fascinating… including what different thunder sounds mean.

The Ticker Trap Explained [Investing Insights by Stef] – “What I mean is this: New traders must be cautious about tickers that resemble well-known companies, but are the total opposite. Oftentimes, it’s a penny stock disguised with a ticker or name to look like a publicly traded behemoth that’s known across the lands.”