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How to Spend (and Actually Enjoy It)

One of the challenges of being a saver, especially if it’s something that’s ingrained in you from childhood (as it was with me), is that it’s very difficult to spend.

While I don’t feel visceral pain when I spend money, it’s pretty close that I understand how someone could feel it (if that makes sense).

This podcast episode between Brandon (Mad Fientist) and Ramit was great:

Ramit Sethi – How to Spend (and Actually Enjoy It) [Mad Fientist Podcast] – “On today’s episode of the Financial Independence Podcast, I welcome back Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach You to Be Rich! I needed someone to come on the show to provide some tough love and Ramit was the only person for the job. As Ramit mentioned during our last interview, FIRE people are great at knowing what NOT to spend on but we’re not good at knowing what to spend on.”

You’re not bad with money. But you can get better. [Vox] – “Given its pervasiveness, having debt shouldn’t be a personal reflection on those who have it, yet carrying any amount of debt can be embarrassing and shameful, says licensed marriage and family therapist Nicolle Osequeda, who is also a member of the Financial Therapy Association. However, recognizing how emotions interplay with finances is the key to changing the narrative around your relationship with money. Osequeda offers insight on the insidious ways debt impacts every aspect of life.”

Do you remember Crazy Eddie’s? I remember these as a kid and had no idea this all went down!

The Popular Electronics Chain That Scammed America: