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How To Read Your Financial Aid Award

It’s March and if you’re off to college in the Fall, hopefully you got financial aid. Here’s a guide to understanding what you got:

How To Read Your Financial Aid Award [The College Investor] – “Welcome to the annual interpreting of your financial aid award. While there are some guidelines for schools to follow when creating financial aid awards, for whatever reason, there aren’t any strict standards on formatting. This often leaves many schools using unfamiliar formats and terminology. Unfamiliar language and cryptic codes can be found throughout many financial aid awards. Loans and grants can be lumped together. Codes such as “L” or “LN” are sometimes the only indication that an amount is actually a loan. In fact, most financial aid students receive come in the form of student loans.”

An Extra Dollar a Day For the Rest of Your Life [Physician on FIRE] – “In other words, if you want to spend an extra dollar a day in retirement, you’ll want another $10,000 or so saved and invested. That works out to a 3.65% withdrawal rate, which makes perfect sense given that a normal year has 365 days.”

Why is there an empty frame behind President Biden? (thanks, and happy 25th birthday!)