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How to read more books.

Hello, money nerds, and welcome to another week. We’ve got some good stuff lined up for you, starting with these money stories from around the web.

A list of 50 money blogs by women. [Invezz] — “International Women’s Day lands on March 8th, and we thought it was about time we put together this list of the best financial websites and investing blogs created by women. Finance is still a world dominated by men and these websites are all part of a movement to change that.”

The art of looking closely. [Craig Mod] — “What’s wild about focused attention is that the act of observation is implicitly timeless. A little dose of time travel. To look closely you must be present. And the more present you are, the more you move outside the boundaries of time.”

The pros and cons of eliminating income tax. [/r/NeutralPolitics on Reddit] — “What are the pros and cons of eliminating the individual income tax in the U.S.? What evidence exists that suggests the effects of eliminating income tax would have on a financial, political, and individual level? Has this happened anywhere before? If so, what were the results?” I found the responses to this question interesting and nuanced.

How to read more books. [A Journey We Love] — “I’ve always been an avid reader, averaging around 20 books a year from 2011 to 2019. However, 2020 was my greatest year so far. It was the first year that I’ve crossed the 50 book mark, reading 55 total books for 2020…o what did I change in 2020 and 2021 to get to read more? I did not get more time in the day compared to everyone else. In fact, I had less time in my day as the baby is now a toddler and needs more supervision and activities.”

Lastly, here’s a fascinating six-minute video about how highways make traffic worse.

I’ve been aware of this paradox for years now. It’s bizarre. You would think that adding highways and lanes would reduce traffic congestion. But it doesn’t. Adding capacity just makes things worse.

That’s all I have for you today! I’ll be back tomorrow with more fun stuff. Join me, won’t you?