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How to live your values.

Oh, it’s a quiet day here at Apex Money. A quiet day, just like any other day. Right? Haha. Okay, it might be quiet here at this little money blog, but we’re well aware that there’s plenty of noise out there in Real Life.

Go vote! And, like us, sit at home tonight and watch the election results roll in. And please, be kind to each other, no matter what you believe. Sound fair? Now let’s look at some money stories…

Americans’ views on taxes are surprisingly complicated. [Stanford Graduate School of Business] — “A recent survey by a pair of Stanford Graduate School of Business researchers, based on the views of 3,062 American adults, finds that soaking the rich actually is a pretty popular idea, supported by 65% (while 23% oppose it). It’s favored by most people across all income levels and political affiliations.” [This is from March, so the framing text is out of date, but it’s interesting.]

How to live your values. [CityFrugal] — “At your core, you’re a mixture of traits and values. These things are interrelated, as we’ll see, but the distinction is important…A twenty-something might end up in a fight because they’re hotheaded and impulsive. Those are traits. But your values are the things over which you’d deliberately go to war.”

The ultimate guide to a no-buy year. [Forbes] — “With the new year approaching, it’s the perfect time to think about adopting a no-buy year challenge. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of a no-buy year, the challenge rules, and necessary preparation. Included are 8 examples of people who attempted a no-spend year.”

Why I quit my job to become an entrepreneur. [The Fioneers] — “When weighing the potential benefits against the risks, it feels like this should have been a really easy decision. It wasn’t. Yet, it was made easier by the financial stability we’ve built and the mindset shifts we’ve made over time.”

We’ll be back again tomorrow with more of the best from the world of money. See you then.