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How to live with regret.

It’s Friday, my friends, and this is Apex Money. We’re your source for the highest-quality articles about personal finance (and other stuff). Let’s see what I’ve rounded up for you today…

How to live with your regrets. [BBC Worklife] — “Regret’s fundamental role in our cognition may explain why so many people experience it so frequently. Pink points to one study, from 1984, that examined the conversations of undergraduate and married couples. Within these recordings, regret was the second most discussed emotion after love. The finding fits with one of Pink’s own questionnaires, which asked how often people experience regret. Around 20% of the respondents claimed to feel the emotion all the time’.” Count me as part of that 20% who feels regret all of the time. It sucks.

How to bleed your employer dry before quitting. [Bitches Get Riches] — “If you’re planning to quit voluntarily…you can be strategic. […] And in doing so, you can extract a ton of value back from your employer and/or your government before you go. I’m down to just one month at my job, and I’m systematically going through this list. It will save me thousands of dollars. It will also prevent a lot of logistical headaches for my future self.” This list is less about bleeding your employer dry and more about taking advantage of the benefits you’re owed as an employee. However you look at it, it’s good advice.

To take you into the weekend, here’s an hour-long video describing how one man became a professional anime voice actor in Japan.

I’ll confess. I haven’t watched the entire video yet. But I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen, and I plan to watch the rest when I have more free time. (I have little free time lately.)

Okay, that’s everything for this week. Jim will be back on Monday to share more great articles about money (and more). Until then, take care!