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How To “Lie” With Personal Finance

Karsten, author of the fantastic Early Retirement Now, disagrees with JL Collin’s argument that homeownership is a terrible investment.

Here’s his take:
How To “Lie” With Personal Finance – Part 2 (Homeownership Edition) [Early Retirement Now] – “This one is about the rent vs. homeownership debate. Is homeownership a wise financial decision? I’m not going to answer this question here. It’s a calculation that’s highly dependent on personal factors. I lean toward homeownership over renting but that’s because of our idiosyncratic personal preferences – our ideal early retirement lifestyle involves having a stable home base in a good school district.”

It’s funny to read too… “… you cannot move into your Vanguard account, you dummies!!! ” 😂

12 Life-Changing Millionaire Lessons I Learned From Working with the World’s Richest People [Financial Imagineer] – “Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet hundreds of millionaires and learn valuable millionaire life lessons from them first-hand on and off my job as their wealth manager. While their backgrounds, lifestyles, and fortunes vary greatly, there are some common traits that all millionaires seem to share. In this blog post, I will share with you 12 life-changing millionaire lessons that I’ve learned from the world’s richest people.”

6 Ways Mario Kart Tour Triggers You Into Gambling Your Money [Grow.Design] – This is a really cool way of telling a story and making a point in a cartoon format. Also, a little shade at Mario Kart Tour for it’s monetization strategy.