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How to improve cognitive biases to improve your money and life.

Good morning, my friends! In a rare occurrence, I missed yesterday’s edition of Apex Money. I was too busy pulling together the final pieces of info for our home purchase. Yesterday afternoon, we signed the papers! So, that chapter is (nearly) behind me now and I can return my attention to personal finance.

To kick things off today, here’s the most recent episode of the Earn & Invest Podcast, which is all about the history of financial independence and early retirement.

“You may be surprised to learn that financial independence isn’t a new concept. In this broad-ranging conversation, we trace some of these financial concepts as far back as Ben Franklin and the 1700s. Are we reinventing the wheel? Or is today’s version of financial independence new and improved?”

How to use cognitive biases to improve your money and life. [Wallet Hacks] — “This is why habits are so important. They’re like biases in your behavior that you put into place on purpose. You may put on workout clothes at the start of the day because it’ll remind you to work out. You may meal plan healthy meals and have the groceries delivered so you are primed to cook them. Today, I want to share a few ways I’ve used my cognitive biases in my favor to help me become better with my money and my life.”

The benefits of meal prepping (and how to start). [Women Who Money] — “By taking the time to prepare healthy, cost-cutting ingredients at the beginning of the week, you’re setting yourself up to eat more healthily and at less cost than grabbing fast food or take out when you’re too tired to decide what to eat or to cook a meal from scratch.”

How (and why) to test-run your retirement. [Morningstar] — “The first step is to think about your work and think about what aspects of it you still enjoy, and those aspects that you really have no time for, no room for, and just start keeping some notes on those matters. Because certainly everything we know about retirement planning is if you can shorten the length of retirement because you have continued to find gratification in work that really helps financially.”

That’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow to see you into the weekend!