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How to help loved ones with money.

It’s Friday, my friends! But before you head out to enjoy your weekend, let’s take some time to review a few more stories from the world of personal finance.

How to help loved ones with money (without breaking your bank). [Morningstar] — “Time and time again, I find the generation who did well didn’t really pass that knowledge to their children or they overindulge them. I mean, you’re the grandparent paying for the private school for your grandchildren when your adult children are living way above their means. That’s not helping them.”

How to sell your house yourself without an agent. [Well-Kept Wallet] — “When it comes to how to sell your house yourself without a realtor, it’s critical to cover all of your bases. Avoid false advertising and protect yourself from unscrupulous buyers. Use safety precautions during open houses, and get the proper professional help as you negotiate the sale and handle the closing.”

Why we should think of junk food like cigarettes. [GQ magazine] — “I went from thinking it was ridiculous to compare Twinkies to heroin to thinking that actually, in some ways, food is even more powerful than drugs. One of those ways is memory. We begin developing memories for food at an incredible early age, possibly even in the womb. And those memories remain incredibly powerful to us, and remain with us for the rest of our lives.” [Related reading: Is free will an illusion?]

A look at the current housing economy — and its implications. [Recode at Vox] — “The breakneck pace of home price growth is going to continue until there’s enough supply to meet demand, which Lawrence Yun, National Association of Realtors’ chief economist, doesn’t expect to happen until sometime next year.”

To close our our week, here’s a great video from Dustin Porter’s Destination Adventure channel on YouTube. It’s a half-hour tour of the 153 Mile Store near Williams Lake, British Columbia. This store closed in 1963 — and everything inside was left the same for the past sixty years. Wow!

If you’re short on time and want to get the good stuff, skip to about 9:30 in the video.

That’s a lot of fun, don’t you think? You know what else is fun? The weekend! And it’s time for both you and me to head on into it. We’ll be back again on Monday with more of the best from the world of personal finance. See you then.