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How to handle a windfall

I hope you have the opportunity to make use of our first post today!

What to Do with a $900,000 Lump Sum of Money [White Coat Investor] – “If you find yourself with a chunk of money, you have to line out your goals and have a plan to meet them. This process is basically a financial “waterfall” but done all at once and adapted for your particular needs. Here’s ours:”

Jordan’s six minute video is great for understanding where you sit on the continuum of “YOLO” and “deferred gratification:”
We Are Dying From The Day We Are Born [The Purpose Code]

The seven dimensions of retirement [Humble Dollar] – “The fact is, while each of us comes to retirement with different levels of wealth and different desires, we all want both a sense of financial security today and confidence about our financial future. How can we best meet those twin goals? We might think about our retirement finances in terms of seven dimensions:”