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How to Get Rich for Dummies

How to Get Rich for Dummies [OkDork] – “The truth is — money is falling. It’s all over the place. But do you want to go grab it and are you willing to put in the work for some period of time to make it happen? Because I promise you, it’s out there for you. I also promise you, if you’re wondering how to become a millionaire, this post is a great place to start.” There isn’t one single way to get rich. There are many. The problem is that you don’t know which one will work for you and when. 🙂

The Worst Time to Invest with Warren Buffett [The Belle Curve] – “One of the things I love about investing is that there is no one, single, right way to invest. There could be hundreds of strategies that will get you to the finish line. The trick, however, is to pick one that you can stick with. Why? Because every disciplined strategy, by definition, will have its moment of underperformance. Warren Buffett is no exception to this rule. There are several times when Berkshire Hathaway trailed the S&P 500 for many years, sometimes by wide margins.”

The Crypto Backlash Is Booming [The Atlantic] – “We’re in the midst of a speculation boom that has been variously compared to the Beanie Babies craze, the dot-com bubble, and tulip mania. A year ago, the average person might never have heard the term Web3. Now we all have to watch as Paris Hilton beholds a cartoon-monkey NFT (non-fungible token) that Jimmy Fallon spent $216,000 on, then remarks, “I love the captain hat.” Stories about this new vision for the internet appear in the tech and business sections of national newspapers more or less every single day, generally with the caveat that a lot of people sincerely believe Web3 to be a Ponzi scheme, a grift, a multilevel-marketing arrangement, and a scam.”