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How to get better at difficult conversations.

It’s Tuesday, Apexians, and it’s time for another fresh batch of links. Today, I have three stories for you…

How to get better at difficult conversations. [DINKS on a Bus] — “In my experience, the best things have resulted from having difficult conversations, if they are approached with respect, kindness, trust, and good intentions. So how do we do this? How do we have difficult conversations that are more likely to lead to better outcomes?”

Two fundamental drivers of financial success in retirement. [The Finance Buff] — “When we get our spending right for the market conditions, any optimization tactics will only be icing on the cake, and suboptimal executions won’t jeopardize our retirement. If we get our spending wrong for the market conditions, no amount of optimization will rescue our retirement.”

The million-dollar shot that changed sports contests forever. [ESPN] — “For the next 20 years, Calhoun would get a check for $50,000 every year. Of that money, he’d have to set aside around $12,000 for taxes. He kept his office sales job for a few more years, and the other $38,000 (about $79,000 in 2023 dollars) was a very nice supplemental living. But, as Calhoun says, it was more like a bump up within the middle class.”

Lastly, here’s a short film I’ve shared before. It’s all about our relentless pursuit of happiness…and what it costs us.

And that’s it for Tuesday. Tomorrow, our fine friends with the Plutus Foundation will stop by. I’ll be back on Thursday with my own brand of money news. See you then.