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How to find a money mentor.

Welcome to Monday, money nerds. You’re at Apex Money, and these are some of our favorite recent financial stories from around the web.

Comparing median incomes and home values across the United States. [Accidental Fire] — “So, if I were moving to another part of the country, were still working, and wanted to buy a house and settle down, what would I look for? Well, I’d want an area with higher median household incomes, but lower median home values. In short, a place where I would tend to earn more but where homes are cheaper. ”

How to find a money mentor. [One Frugal Girl] — “It doesn’t matter if you are financially savvy or have absolutely no idea how to manage your money. We all need a way to bounce ideas around with someone who is willing to listen. A money mentor allows us to talk about money matters and financial decisions without judgment or worry.”

“Worldschooling: How our children are educated as we travel.” [Physician on Fire] — “It’s been nearly six months since I retired from medicine and started slow traveling internationally with my family. I expected there would be a lot of questions. I was half right. I have been asked a lot of questions, just not on the topic I expected. [People] want to know how we’re educating our children when we travel for months at a time.”

I haven’t mentioned Financial Diet in a while, but I love this YouTube channel. It’s money advice from women, for women (and everybody else). In this episode, one woman talks about tracking her spending for a decade — since she was thirteen.

As somebody who has tracked his spending on and off for almost thirty years, I love this video. Maybe you will too.

That’s it for Monday, my friends. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more great stories from the world of personal finance.