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How to defend yourself against financial scams.

So, it’s one of those days where instead of starting Apex Money with, well, money links, I’m going to start it with a completely unrelated video. Yay! (Or boo! depending on your point of view.)

Every now and then, Kim and I go down a YouTube rabbit hole. Last night, we watched music videos from the 1990s. Somehow that led us to this amazing performance of “Good Vibrations” by Wilson Phillips. I liked it so much that I just had to share.

So much fun, don’t you think?

Well, you’re also probably thinking, “Where are my money stories?” No worries, friends. I have some of them for you too. Let’s dive in.

Ten ways to spot financial scams (and how to defend yourself). [Bitches Get Riches] — “Scammers target the vulnerable, desperate, and ignorant on purpose. These are the people so downtrodden and hopeful that they’ll reach for any life line in the stormy sea of their dire circumstances. They’re the ones most likely to ignore their instincts when something looks too good to be true.”

When all moments have equal value. [Raptitude] — “All moments can be appreciated, on a basic level at least, when you value the two opportunities each one offers – to respond skillfully to what’s happening, and to experience being alive for another moment. When this is what’s valued – rather than the fleeting bubbles of pleasure or ease they might bring — an unpleasant moment is just as good as a pleasant one, sometimes better.” [I love this article.]

Commuting is psychological torture. [Welcome to Hell World (on Substack)] — “I wanted to know how working remotely, and more importantly, not having to commute anymore, has improved people’s lives. Some had made the switch from commuting years ago before Covid was even on the radar. To be fair some also said they miss having boundaries between home life and work, but by and large the stories were very similar: ‘Commuting is psychological torture,’ one person told me.” [This piece is a bit over the top, but it makes some good points.]

And that’s it for Thursday. I’ll be back tomorrow to see you into the weekend. See you then!