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How to buy better clothes for your wardrobe.

Hello, my friends. Today, I have only one article to share with you. That’s because it’s one of the best personal-finance articles I’ve ever read. From Reaktor, Olof Hoverfält shares why he’s tracked every single piece of clothing he’s worn for three years.

This is nerdery after my own heart.

Hoverfält created a detailed spreadsheet to log what he wore for over 1000 days. He kept track of the cost of the items (so that he could determine cost per use), of course, but also so much more.

This article is a little long, so be sure to scroll to the end where the author shares his conclusions. They’re the same conclusions I’ve reached recently: Buy only what you know you’ll wear. Buy items that cover a wide range of uses. When you buy, only buy the best. And so on.

This is great, great stuff.

While I have only one article for you today, I do have a fun video too. From Mystery Scoop, here’s a mesmerizing ten-minute video in which the subjects of historical portraits are brought to life.

It sounds a little lame, I know, and I almost quit watching after I heard the voiceover at the start of the video. But I’m glad I stuck with it, and you’ll be glad too. This really is pretty amazing.

That’s it for today! I’ll be back tomorrow to take you into the weekend.