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How to be a better negotiator in everyday life.

Hello, money nerds, and welcome to week two of Apex Money. Having fun yet? Today, let’s hear from three women who have interesting things to say about money — and life.

How I convinced myself to stop buying stuff. [One Frugal Girl] — “After spending hours sorting and processing and another ninety minutes documenting and pricing items…I added up the cost of all items together. Then separated out the cost of the starred items. I was shocked to see how much money I spent on stuff I rarely used. I was also amazed at how little I spent on stuff I loved and had to get rid of.”

How to be a better negotiator in everyday life. [Rainesford Stauffer on Medium] — “Done right, negotiating doesn’t have to be something that pits you against anyone. In fact, it can even strengthen your relationships, helping you learn to communicate more effectively with the people you love. Here’s how…to get better at asking for what you want in day-to-day life.

Speaking of negotiation, here’s The Financial Diet sharing seven things you didn’t know were negotiable:

My childhood went viral before social media. [The New York times] — “Before there was Instagram, before there were parenting blogs, even before there was Facebook, there were newspaper columns where parents wrote about the experience of child rearing. One column, called ‘Family Man’, was published in The Connecticut Post and syndicated in 10 newspapers around the country. The author was my father.”

Okay, that last article isn’t actually money-related, but I like it. So sue me.

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