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How to avoid becoming miserably rich.

What’s up, Apexians? J.D. here with another abbreviated week of money stories. I won’t bore you with the details, but inclement weather here at home has prevented me from reading (or posting) stuff on the internet until now.

But this afternoon, I’m warm and dry and have an internet connection, so let’s take a look at the stuff I’ve been reading.

How to avoid becoming miserably rich. [A Teachable Moment] — “Accolades and pleasing strangers were influential to me a few years ago. Like drinking seawater, this desire can never be satisfied. Aging makes you think about things differently. The transitory nature of life clarifies what’s important. Enjoying the moment and cultivating established relationships with colleagues, friends, and family maneuver to the top of the pecking order.” [I related strongly to this piece.]

“Why I plan to collect Social Security as early as possible.” [Go Curry Cracker] — “I plan to collect Social Security as early as possible because, even though I plan to live a very long time, I can’t bequeath a Social Security income stream and the long-term ROI of delay is not an obvious win over just dumping early SS income into an index fund.”

How often should you check your finances? [Wallet Hacks] — “How often should you be checking your bank account? Emma Chamberlain says she never looks at it. At first glance, that sounds crazy. How would you not know where your money is? Or how much you have? That’s when I realized that I don’t check my bank account all that often either.”

Okay, that’s all for today. Time for me to go shovel the sidewalk!