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How often should you rebalance?

Good question!

Mike Piper has a good answer:

How Often to Rebalance a Portfolio [Oblivious Investor] – “I wouldn’t worry too much about this topic overall. Nor would I put too much faith in Strategy A instead of Strategy B. It’s more along the lines of “pick one approach that seems reasonable, and stick with it.”” There’s data that supports all schedules of rebalancing… funny how that is. 🙂

Are you saving enough for college? Here’s what to know [NPR] – “It’s good to save for college if you possibly can, and save as much as is reasonably possible. So, you know, that’s not a mathematical, algorithmic formula. But it is true that the earlier you start, the more chance that money has to grow.” Some good thoughts in this piece… but the takeaway is that there is no right answer.

It’s Time to Consider TIPS [Morningstar] – “At current prices, there’s a strong investment case to be made for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities. Friday’s column will cover the particulars, showing how TIPS compare against conventional bonds over different inflation scenarios. That article will also examine how TIPS might perform in the secondary market, for investors who will not necessarily hold the securities until their maturity dates.”