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How much should we save?

It’s Friday, everyone! Yay! Before you take off for the weekend, I’m here with a few final money stories that I think you might like. Take a look.

“I loved bike touring — until I got paid to do it.” [Outside] — “Ultimately, I realized that my job wasn’t to ride my bike; it was a service position with round-the-clock expectations for less than minimum wage. The outdoor industry calls this getting paid in sunsets — which wouldn’t actually sound so bad if those sunsets weren’t being blocked by a pair of full-grown adults fighting over whose turn it was to wash the group spatula. I had wanted freedom and adventure. What I got instead was too much responsibility.”

Stop wasting money by choosing bigger goals. [Becoming Minimalist] — “One reason we fall into the trap of buying things we don’t need is because we haven’t sat down and considered the full potential for our financial resources. And when our pennies have no focus or greater end, they become too easy to spend.”

Why should we save? How much should we save? [One Frugal Girl] — “If we aren’t careful, money can become our destination. We can sacrifice today for tomorrow and waste our lives working long hours hoarding cash we’ll never have the time or energy to use. We save for the sake of saving but never sit down to figure out how we want to spend or allocate it. What is the point of stockpiling our money without deciding how we want to use it?”

Cities and towns paying remote workers up to $20,000 to move there. [Fortune] — “A number of small townships and cities across the nation are looking to incentivize knowledge workers to move, rewarding them with cash, tax breaks, and even property. These programs are an appealing option for people who cannot afford real estate prices in major metro areas.”

What you’re owed if an airline bumps you from a flight. [Traveler] — “There are a few ways to avoid being bumped against your will, but if you are removed from an overbooked plane, you’re owed certain compensations from the airline. Here’s everything to know about dealing with an oversold flight.”

And with that, I’m out of here. I’m flying out to Orlando on Sunday for a week with all of my money nerd friends — including my Apex partner, Jim. That’s right: It’s time for the annual Fincon conference. Always a blast!