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How Much Money They Make

If someone walked up to you and asked you how much you made, would you tell them?

27 People on the Streets of New York Talk About How Much Money They Make [The New York Times] – “We asked nearly 400 people to tell us how much they earn. Here are two dozen who actually spoke to us.” đź‘€

Is $200k a Year a Good Income? [Of Dollars And Data] – “For this reason, I don’t just consider $200k a year to be good income, but a very good income. Even if you reside in a high cost of living area like Manhattan, $200k a year would put you in the top 25% of households according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Yes, that’s the top 25% among some of the highest earning households in the world.”

Finally, a nice good con!

Inside Wealth-Conference Con Man Anthony Ritossa’s Wild Web of Lies [Vanity Fair] – “In short, Sir Anthony’s summits are so chockablock with luminaries that many associated with the event may have failed to ask one fundamental question: Who the hell is Anthony Ritossa? After a yearlong investigation, including interviews with sources from a dozen countries, Vanity Fair uncovered the truth. It turns out he is a Wall Street washout, a world-class con man and an inveterate fabulist with a bogus CV and persona—a 53-year-old Australian who fancifully purports to be an heir to a 600-year-old European olive oil fortune.”

Oh dear!

Enjoy the long weekend, we’ll be back on Tuesday with the next edition of Apex Money!