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How much it costs to live in every state.

Far out, friends! It’s Friday! We’ve made it through another week. To celebrate, let’s look at some recent stories about personal finance, shall we?

How much it costs to live in every state for 30 years, ranked. [My Money Wizard] — “Fed up with the lack of good information out there, I decided I’d have to create it myself. Here’s the system I came up with. Admittedly, it balances a line between simplicity and sophistication, so it’s not perfect. But it is better than any similar ranking I’ve ever seen.”

30 year cost of living

Median household income in the U.S. hit an all-time high in 2019. [Accidental Fire] — “The Census Bureau released the official income statistics for 2019 a few weeks ago. In 2019 the median household income in America was $68,703, marking a substantial 6.8% increase from the 2018 median of $64,324.” [Here’s a related article.]

How to become a digital nomad. [Heath & Alyssa] — “These past six years of travel have been the best years of my life and we’re lucky to live in a world where working remotely from the mountains of Colorado or the beaches of South Carolina isn’t just a dream. It’s a fairly easily achieved lifestyle. In this guide, I’ll cover how to make the transition to become a digital nomad.”

True story: When Kim and I did our 15-month RV trip in 2015-16, we connected with Heath and Alyssa. I think they guest-posted at our travel blog (or we guest-posted at theirs?). In any event, I now get loads and loads of email meant for Heath and Alyssa. I’m not joking. It’s all spam, though, so I just delete it.

Ready to head into the weekend? First, let’s watch a video. It’s the best video I’ve seen all week.

I love my dog. I especially love how happy she gets when Kim comes home from work. She spazzes out, as dogs will do. Well, here’s a blind and deaf dog who nevertheless recognizes its owner when he comes home. This is so frickin’ cute! It warms my heart. (How can fifteen people have given this video a thumbs down? Those folks are going to burn in hell.)

Speaking of dogs, mine is begging for her walk. So, I’m off to do my daddy duties. Take care, everyone! We’ll see you again on Monday.