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How I Made $2,500+ Last Month by Charging Scooters

I love a good side hustle and Joe always delivers.

This time, he revisits his side hustle charging scooters wherein he also makes it very clear that he does not recommend it. He does it because he’s old and retired. 🙂

How I Made $2,500+ Last Month by Charging Scooters [Retire by 40] – “Last month, I made $2,510 by charging scooters. It was our best month ever! The side hustle income can almost cover our entire living expenses in May ($2,769). I shared this in our monthly report and received few requests for more details. So today, I’ll share how the whole scooter charging side hustle works. I started doing this side gig two years ago.” A fun little recap of how my blogging friend Joe made $2500 charging scooters. I enjoyed his post a few years ago on the same subject and this one shows the reality of this little side hustle.

The Fresno Drop [99% Invisible] – “In September 1958, Bank of America began an experiment—one that would have far reaching effects on our lives and on the economy. After careful consideration, they decided to conduct this experiment in Fresno, California. The presumption was that no one was paying much attention to Fresno, so if the plan failed, it wouldn’t get a lot of media attention.”

Today We’re Eating the Winners of the 1948 Chicken of Tomorrow Contest [Modern Farmer] – “In the 1950s, a broiler chicken lived a full 16 weeks. The faster and heavier method that won the contest was amplified by confinement, and while the chickens come out of those cages fatter, they tend to get sicker, too. They have insatiable appetites, which leaves them stressed, as evidenced in their poor reproduction capabilities, cardiovascular failure and skeletal problems. They’ve been pumped with so many antibiotics, they’ve developed resistances. The chickens’ weak legs and overworked hearts strain every week their lives are extended. We’re still eating the Chicken of Tomorrow today – but maybe it’s time to hold another contest.”