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How about some awkward money conversations? :)

Spend time with your family recently?

Was it awkward with lots of social anxiety?

If so, you’ll get a kick out of some of our articles today. They’re all about conversations… awkward conversations.

The $500-million Family Feud [Toronto Life] – “On a cold grey morning last April, Ontario Superior Court judge Glenn A. Hainey held a routine scheduling hearing in his chambers on University Avenue. One by one, the country’s most high-powered corporate litigators filed into the room. There were friendly handshakes, there was collegial kibitzing, there was even some jovial laughter. It was the latest hearing in the Stronach family trust dispute—a case that’s tearing apart one of Canada’s wealthiest families and galvanizing the best legal minds on Bay Street.” The Stronach family’s patriarch, Frank Stronach, founded an international automotive parts company, a real estate empire, and a group that specializes in horse-racing but controls a massive number of entities. And there’s a FEUD! (it’s a really complex feud too)

Handle These 12 Awkward Money Moments Without Breaking a Sweat [GOBankingRates] – Cameron Huddleston, who recently published a book about talking to your parents about money, shares the best way to handle some awkward money conversations.

Five Money Conversations to Have With Your Kids Before They Go to College [The Simple Dollar] – A lot of parents with college-bound kids are currently waiting to hear back from schools. Now’s a good time to have that money conversation with your kids so they’re better prepared for life after high school. It’s a good overview of five areas you definitely should cover.

Last, we have a post about forgery because I think we need one.

Art Forgery Is Easier Than Ever, and It’s a Great Way to Launder Money [VICE] – “More and more rich people are buying art and stashing it in strange places. According to infamous scammers, it’s not even close to legit.”