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Happy President’s Day!

I was always surprised whenever President’s Day rolled around because it’s a federal holiday that is always the third Monday in February. We just had a lot of days off for the holidays, we’re barely into the year (though it is February already!), and it’s still cold out. It doesn’t really mark a big transition period, it just kind of shows up one day and “hey, we’re off today!”

If you’re off today, thank you for sharing some of that time off with us!

My Game-Changing Spreadsheet to Track Upcoming Credit Card Bills [Route to Retire] – “It’s kind of a hassle to log into each credit card provider’s site and see what balance is going to be paid and when. Then I’d have to add it all up and figure it all out. I need to do this regularly maybe every few weeks or so… not something to look forward to. I didn’t like it. Tracking upcoming credit card bills shouldn’t be this hard. Since I couldn’t find an easy solution, I decided to make my own tracker for our upcoming credit card bills.”

Who Benefits From The Layoffs? [Retire By 40] – “As a shareholder of these companies, I liked the big pop last year, but I think they should cool it with the layoff. The workforce is getting too lean. Performance will suffer if they continue laying off workers at that pace. Also, I only have 200 shares of Meta. The big pop was nice, but it didn’t make millions for me. I probably should take profit and trim back my position a bit like Zuckerburg.”

How to Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions [Milmo] – “Subscriptions are everywhere. From streaming services to online memberships, it’s easy to accumulate rack-up subscriptions without even realizing it. That’s not even factoring in the frequent moves that come with military life. The financial drain caused by unwanted or unused subscriptions can sneak up on you. In this article, I’m going to share the importance of identifying and canceling unnecessary subscriptions to keep your budget under control.”

Victory [Truly Adventurous] – “At 11-years-old, Victoria Brucker planted her feet wide and crouched down to face the large metal machine as it whirred up, ready to deliver a pitch. Her heart hammered inside her chest as the gaggle of boys impatiently waited behind her for their turns.

Victoria was determined to make her local Little League’s All Star baseball team, composed of the best players in San Pedro, California, but the odds were stacked against her. Not only was she a girl–the only girl–trying out, but she was also a year younger than most of the other boys. And she had only played baseball for three years. There were plenty of parents in the community who had made their feelings clear about the prospect of a girl on the team: She won’t be tough enough… She’ll start crying when she doesn’t get on base… She’ll make a fool of the team.”