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Happy Chinese New Year!

Or, Happy Lunar New Year!

Before the pandemic, we would host a Chinese New Year party each year. Friends would come over, we’d eat and drink in celebration, and it was a grand ole time. Since the pandemic, we haven’t done anything on that scale to mark the new year. This year, we won’t be having a party but we’ll be making a little special feast for our family.

It’ll give us a sense that life is getting back to normal as the Omicron surge, at least in Maryland, begins to subside.

Side hustles and second jobs – are they even worth it? [Budgets Are $exy] – “I was recently discussing side hustles with a friend, who was considering starting a small business alongside her day job. This topic has been discussed over and over within the FI world, and with good reason: side hustles are both interesting and a chance to make some extra moolah! But I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the idea of side hustles.”

The Bill That Congress Might Be Embarrassed Enough to Pass [The Atlantic] – “The Justice Department investigated several senators for their 2020 stock dumps but filed no charges. The allegations of pandemic profiteering did, however, have major political repercussions and helped Democrats win their narrow Senate majority last year. Among those who found their transactions under federal scrutiny were both Republican senators from Georgia, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler (they both denied any wrongdoing), who lost in special elections last January. The Democrat who defeated Perdue, Senator Jon Ossoff, is now leading a new push to ban members from trading individual stocks altogether.”

Resilience Is A Choice You Make [Mile High Finance Guy] – “So, whether pain or misfortune, recognize that this is unfortunate, but it is not permanent – after all, nothing is. Embrace and explore what it means to suffer, as when the flourishing comes, you only will be left with gratitude.”

Holy smokes! Check out Jonathan, a 190 year old giant tortoise!

And Happy New Year!