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Happiest retirees

What would you do if you heard the happiest retirees had just over $500,000 in liquid assets? If you are like Steve(ark), you’d be surprised and then dig deeper to find out why.

Our first post does something most people don’t, think critically behind some of the numbers we hear.

How Much Money? [Slightly Early Retirement] – “So considering that happy retirees have more than one source of income, have learned to control their expenses, have a reduced cost of living, have no or a managably small amount of debt and have affordable government provided health care, I believe that having a $500,000 retirement nest egg is enough for them to be financially secure.”

Joint Bank Account Pros and Cons [Marriage Kids and Money] – “”Before you and your partner rush to open a joint bank account, it’s worth exploring the joint bank account pros and cons. Then, you want to consider your financial goals and the unique needs of your relationship.”

The Creator Economy Was Way Overblown [Big Technology] – “While today’s economic downturn is causing broad pain, the creator economy is suffering in particular because its middle class hasn’t yet emerged. Online content creation is still mostly viable for the very top echelon of online creators only. And when mid-sized creators can’t make it, the VC-funded platforms meant to serve them can’t scale. So it’ll likely be a while before “link-in-my-bio” startups raise at $1.3 billion valuations again.”