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Could you live on half your income?

Challenge your assumptions!

Could You Live on Half Your Income if it Would Make You Free? [Financial Success M.D.] – “When I discuss living on half of one’s income, I’m almost always met with, “that would be impossible for me.” They say it as if it were a fact, that some outside source is preventing them from living on significantly less than they make. This outside source is somehow keeping them from saving a good sum of their income. Non-physicians point to the fact that I’m a physician, and I can do it because doctors make a lot of money. I then point out that when I was a resident, and our combined household income was below $50,000, my wife and I lived on half of our income.” It’s important to challenge one’s assumptions about what’s possible.

This powerful video about The Chicken & The Eagle is all about assumptions and your decisions:

Thoughts on Free Will [David Perell] – “My friend Chris Sparks says: “When it comes to creating your environment, assume you have free will. When it comes to living in it, assume you have no free will.”” I love this quote.