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Generative AI’s impact on white-collar work

Generative AI’s abilities are growing at an astronomical pace, if you aren’t aware of it (or better yet, using it), you’ll probably be left behind… especially if you do knowledge work.

Here’s what we know about generative AI’s impact on white-collar work [Financial Times] – “I understand the temptation to wave away these warnings as mere projections. Thousands of years of history have lulled many of us into the false sense of security that automation is something that happens to other people’s jobs, never our own.” The first chart is worth 10,000 words but keep reading the whole thing, especially the section on BCG.

Tim Ferriss had a chat with Morgan Housel that I found very enlightening. Housel has a new book out but they talk about a lot of different topics, some of which are more financial in nature than others. The whole thing was entertaining and educational to listen to.

One of the discussions they have is covered by this blog post I enjoyed:

A Few Laws of Getting Rich [Morgan Housel on Collabfund] – “There are 13 divorces among the 10 richest men in the world. Seven of the top ten have been divorced at least once. Correlation isn’t causation, and that sample size is tiny. But a statistic that is so much worse than the national average, on a topic so fundamental to happiness, among a group whose lives are envied by so many, is interesting, isn’t it?”

OK and as we enter the weekend I ask you this, where is a starfish’s head? 🤣

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