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Frugal millionaires.

Hello, money nerds, and welcome to another Monday. You are home, stuck in your familiar routine. I, on the other hand, am in Florence, Italy, eating gelato and pasta. Haha.

Okay, sorry for being so mean. Let’s look at some top money stories from around the web.

“We’re financially independent. We just bought a $90,000 house. Yes, we’re moving in.” [Physician on Fire] — “The FIRE movement is often knocked for being overly frugal and unrealistic. By not only purchasing a $90,000 home, but also moving into it, I feel I’m doing my part to perpetuate the stereotype. But we’re not doing this for the sole purpose of looking cheap.”

Millionaire charges electric scooters for beer money. [Retire by 40] — “I’m a millionaire. Is it worth my time to charge scooters for a few bucks? I could charge $100 per hour to be a retirement consultant instead. Wouldn’t that be a better use of my time? Well, that’s the beauty of FIRE. I can do whatever I want without worrying about money much. This side gig has quite a few benefits and it’s fun.

A life with moving sidewalks. [The Retirement Manifesto] — “There are moments in your life where an experience somehow alters your typical day-to-day reality…A ‘Moving Sidewalk Experience’ can be anything which takes you out of your routine. Something with a clear beginning, followed by a non-routine experience, and wrapping up with an adjustment as we return to the ‘reality’ of our lives.”

Exploring health-care options for early retirees. [Michael Kitces] — “While the majority of individuals plan to retire at some point after they reach age 65, there is still a non-trivial number of individuals, whether by choice or by need, who retire before they are eligible for Medicare (or even Social Security, for that matter) and still need health insurance coverage (and can’t just simply be added to their still-working spouse’s employer-sponsored plan). Fortunately, early retirees do have a few options as they consider the best way to obtain health coverage.”

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