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Friendships matter

Well if it isn’t Friday!

Some Friendly Advice [Humble Dollar] – “The social aspect of retirement is more important than many of us assume. Loneliness is not something we want to face in our later years. Some quiet time is needed, but healthy solitude is not the same as loneliness. As author Arthur C. Brooks notes, “The kind of people who don’t know how to manage social interactions (i.e. friendships) outside of work get lonelier when they retire—and that describes a lot of successful people I know.””

Which Financial Decisions Require Extra Attention and Which Don’t [The Financial Buff] – “We face all types of choices and decisions in personal finance. Which decisions should we be more careful of and which decisions can we “wing it”? This distinction is important because if you give equal attention to every decision, either you’ll get bogged down by months of research on everything or you’ll make a casual decision that sets you back a huge sum. You should prioritize your mental energy for things that really require it.”

How to enable Stolen Device Protection on your iOS device [The Verge] – “Our phones have become so intrinsic to our lives that a stolen phone can be a disaster rather than simply an inconvenience. To help prevent that, Apple has added Stolen Device Protection to its iPhones as additional protection, especially when you’re away from your familiar haunts.”

Finally, something a little wild… how about some rocks?

Crazy Stones: The Chinese Gamblers Betting Millions on Rocks [Sixth Tone] – “Gambling on the contents of uncut jadeite stones has a long history along the China-Myanmar border. Now, livestreamers are taking the practice nationwide.” This was back in 2021 so I don’t know if they’re still doing it… but the fact that they ever did is wild!

See you next week!