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A Freelance Writer Reflects on Five Years In

Running your own business, whether it’s online or off, is tough.

Being a freelancer, which is a business, is oftentimes even tougher. It’s a grind and many times it’s a solo grind.

I enjoyed reading this first post for today by Laura, a freelance writer and blogger at Every Day by the Lake, on what she learned in the first five years of being a freelance writer:

A Freelance Writer Reflects on Five Years In [Women Who Money] – “As a few dollars turned to thousands, I realized I had met the goal of my sabbatical: finding a location and schedule-independent way to earn a living. That way, I could fully show up for myself and those I loved.”

Rule #1 of Building Wealth: Play Defense With Your Money [Darius Foroux] – “To me, this is Rule #1 of building wealth. As the investing legend Warren Buffett says, “Never lose money.””

Doing Less Is Hard, Especially When We’re Overwhelmed [Behavioral Scientist] – “Jumping right to “more” means we fail to consider “less.” Even when less would be a far better choice.”