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Freedom is more than money.

Good morning, money bosses. Welcome to another week in paradise. To kick things off here at Apex, I have several great stories to share with you. Let’s dive right in.

Be true to yourself: Learning to appreciate the real you. [One Frugal Girl] — Jewels and I have an ongoing conversation by email and blog post. This is part of that conversation. “What I didn’t realize many years ago was how I tied my identity to my possessions. In my mind, those objects represented my past, present, and future. The trouble is, they were misrepresentations of who I was and who I wanted to be.”

Freedom is more than money. [/r/financialindependence at Reddit] — “Freedom is thinking about what you’d really like to achieve in life, and then going for it without fear, regret or what anyone else thinks. Freedom isn’t having the option to eat cheeseburgers and doritos all the time, even though it technically is. The problem with doing so is that it separates you from the best version of yourself, and the best version of yourself is the freest form of yourself.” Interesting post and good discussion.

Right-sizing retirement. [Journal of Financial Planning] — “Retirement is the most expensive purchase most individuals ever make; therefore, it is especially important to understand its cost and save appropriately…There may be possible refinements to retirement planning processes that would help people understand the realities of spending in retirement as opposed to being surprised after they have actually retired.”

For today’s multi-media feature, here’s a recent podcast from Sarah Li-Cain at Beyond the Dollar. Cain interviewed several folks (including me) about giving up alcohol — and how it affects your financial life.

That’s it for now, my friends. See you tomorrow with more top money stories!