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Fraud on the Farm!

Do you remember Farmville? It was a Facebook app that let you run a farm and reached 80 million players.

I never played it myself but played some of their mobile phone clones and remembered that it was a entertaining and mindless way to spend some time. It’s really not that different from games like Animal Crossing on the Switch, which we played quite a bit last year during the pandemic.

So when I read this headline about a Ponzi scheme with a Farmville clone, I had to read it. I never spent money on Farmville or any of the other clones, so I didn’t understand how fraud could be involved. As it turns out, this clone involved real money (well, in the sense that you could pay into it!):

Fraud on the Farm: How a baby-faced CEO turned a Farmville clone into a massive Ponzi scheme [Rest of World] – “Farm Bank let players make money, while supporting real farms. Then the CEO vanished with $80 million.”

What it Means to be Rich [A Wealth of Common Sense] – “Having millions of dollars wouldn’t come close to providing the same feeling I got this past week watching my 7-year old scale a rock wall like a champ or confidently walk up to do a high ropes course with zero signs of trepidation or fear.”

How to Live Like You’re Already Retired [Incognito Money Scribe] – “Most of us are guilty of waiting to do something until an ideal future arrives, which is never guaranteed to arrive. […] There is a lot of research that shows what things unequivocally help retirees live a healthier, happier and more meaningful life (one of which is volunteering). Those same studies and surveys actually tell all of us how to live better lives right now. Because the benefits of those activities encompass all age groups. Essentially, if you want to lead a more fulfilling life, then do the things retirees are told to do to make the most of their remaining years.”