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Four day workweek

Would you rather a four day work week where you had to go into the office every day or a full 40-hour work week but you could work remotely?

That question isn’t what was posed by our first article today but something I was thinking about. I think I’d rather be 100% remote and work 40 hours a week instead of have a 4 day week where I had to be in the office.

Will the post-Covid world include a 4-day workweek? As Kickstarter tests it out, some predict it will catch on [CNBC] – “For New York-based crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, one way to address that is the four-day workweek, which it is testing out next year. Despite the reduced hours, workers will still receive the same pay. The idea is that in those four days, there will be fewer interruptions and more focus on work.”

Can You Save Money Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer? [Impersonal Finances] “So, if I’m not saving money on the purchase price, how is N/A beer still saving me money? Indirectly, in a lot of ways. I could point to some longer term health benefits that come from cutting down on alcohol and the savings on theoretical future medical expenses. But in the short term, mixing in some non-alcoholic beers simply encourages responsible behavior. And responsible behavior leads to responsible spending.”

The French Burglar Who Pulled Off His Generation’s Biggest Art Heist [The New Yorker] – “The skilled climber and thief Vjeran Tomic, whom the French press referred to as Spider-Man, has described robbery as an act of imagination.”