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Five Big Reasons to Retire Often

Hey Plutus Family! We hope you enjoyed your holiday with your family. If you have room for one more event this year, please join us for our final Content Creator Happy Hour on Wednesday, December 7th in Washington D.C. at 6pm.

As always, tickets are free, but extremely limited. Register for Content Creator Happy Hour Washington D.C. here.

Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week.

Five Ways to Get “Free” Money from the Government. [Fionist Dream] – “While the Israeli government taxes us and takes our money left and right, it also has several programs you might not know about where you can get some of it back. Most people are not eligible for every single one of these, but as we say, knowledge is power. Even being eligible for one can save you thousands of shekels per year. Each program has its own eligibility criteria. You can apply and find all of the relevant information online. Application is free.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

Five Big Reason to Retire Often. [Jillian Johnsrud] — “The biggest reason to retire often: it will make your life better. It gives you a fighting chance to improve every area of life that matters to you, spanning across every decade. Your whole life, in its width and its depth, can improve. Plus, it’s just more fun this way.”” (Submitted by J. Money.)

11 Must-Have Gifts for Travel Lovers. [Family Money Adventure] — “While the holidays aren’t all about gifts, it’s fun to get or give something special, especially something you will probably love. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find great travel-related gifts. If your budget allows it, though, there are some higher-priced travel gadgets that will have your loved ones jumping for joy this Christmas. Whatever your holiday budgets, our list of the best gifts for travel lovers is sure to bring a smile this holiday season.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)