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“My fire ants have escaped!”

Hello hello hello, money nerds. It’s J.D. again, and I’m here with more of the best money stories from around the web. Let’s waste no time!

Three ways to attract more luck into your life. [The Profile on Substack] — “By definition luck is a random event that we can’t control, so we don’t bother discussing it that much. I think there’s a secret hidden in plain sight, though. Luck is partially a game of skill — and you can increase your odds by following the rules of the game.”

Seven reasons to love apartment living. [Becoming Minimalist] — “We realize that apartment living isn’t for everyone. But for us, a minimalist lifestyle in a 1,000-square-foot apartment leads to more joy, more fulfillment, and more family togetherness. Our home has never been tidier and our family is thriving in this simple, manageable environment.”

The complete guide to withdrawing money early from your retirement accounts. [Minafi] — “Whatever you approach to retirement is, one part is clear: taxes and early withdrawal penalties can make or break your plan. Take the time to craft a plan that minimizing taxes and maximizes your chance of success!”

I feel like it’s been a good, long while since I shared some truly fun videos with you all. Well, the wait is over. Today, I’ve got a couple of gems. Here’s Mike from the Ants Canada channel on YouTube documenting what happened when his frickin’ fire ants escaped from their habitat. Sheesh!

Apparently, this has been some time in coming. Here’s a video from three years ago in which Mikey documented that his fire ants were planning an escape…

Me? I hate ants. You don’t even want to know what I call them in private. There’s no way in hell that I’d keep them as pets. But it pleases me that somebody does…and that he’s chill when his fire ants escape their enclosure.

Okay, enough for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with more of the best in personal finance!