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Don’t live a financial fantasy.

Hello from the friendly skies, money nerds! As you read this, I (J.D.) am jetting on my way to a European vacation. Soon I will be in Rome. Have no fear. I’ve made time to collect some top money stories for you before my trip. Let’s get right to them…

Don’t live a financial fantasy. Manage money based on reality. [Brave Saver] — “We can take a look at all sides of our money, the good and the ugly, without giving in to the temptation to filter it through some financial fantasy. In doing so, we gain power — the power to see clearly, to decide clearly, to more consciously and intentionally shape money management in the present and our financial security in the future.”

How to gain a better understanding of the things that bring you joy. [Four Pillar Freedom] — “The whole point of optimizing your financial life is to give yourself the means to spend more time doing the things you like. And the best way to actually know what things you like doing is to practice self-reflection on a daily basis.”

You are responsible for your own online security. [The Retirement Café] — “Extremely risk-averse investors might be tempted to try to find financial services companies with no Internet access. They may be surprised by how difficult that has become. This is the world we live in: we’re forced online but not adequately protected from online security problems. Security is largely in our own hands.” (And see the follow-up article about how to secure your online financial accounts.)

“I researched cash-back credit cards so that you don’t have to. [/r/personalfinance] — “I made this list for myself as I was deciding which cards to apply for. I already have strong credit, but I wanted to find cards that I could keep open long term to build my credit as my lifestyle changes.” This is a nice bit of research with no affiliate links.

Our last story today is so important: It’s a six-minute video explaining why you can’t fix other people but you can fix yourself. Some folks might be inclined to disregard this clip because of the political subtext. Ignore the political subtext! The political subtext is irrelevant! Who cares about Elizabeth Warren and Jordan Peterson? You care about fixing your life, right?

“Blaming others for your problems is a complete waste of time.” So true. Even if others are the cause of your problems, it’s up to you to fix them.

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