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Fifteen-minute neighborhoods.

Welcome to Wednesday, money mavens!

Before we start, a hearty congratulations to the winners of this year’s Plutus Awards! Although it probably sounds niche-y to many, the Plutus Awards are given to personal-finance blogs, podcasts, etc. One of my faves — Bitches Get Riches — won a well-deserved Blog of the Year trophy. But what I like most is the chance to add 10-20 new (to me) sites to the reading list that I use to curate material for this site. The Plutus nominees are a great source of new material!

Do you live in a 15-minute neighborhood? [Accidental Fire] — In this post, Dave at Accidental Fire looks at a new tool designed to measure a neighborhood’s walkability. It seems very similar to the long-extant Walk Score, but with a much simpler interface. Me? Four years ago, I lived in a very walkable neighborhood and loved it. Today, I live somewhere that is not walkable and I find it depressing.

Five things your millionaire neighbor won’t tell you. [The College Investor] — “The fact is, a lot of people aspire to have wealth, be a millionaire, or be rich – however you define it. But for many, myths about millionaires, their money, and their mindset is holding you back. Here are some common myths about millionaires you need to stop worrying about on your path to wealth.”

The man who wants to help you get out of debt — at any cost. [The Guardian] — “As Ramsey sees it, America’s debt crisis is an epidemic akin to drug addiction, and its roots lie in individual behavior. The only way to escape its crushing weight is to stop enabling yourself and go cold turkey: live on rice and beans, get a second job, sell your money-sucking car.”

Today’s video is a fun glimpse at the past. It’s a three-minute cip that looks at what it was like to be a Wall Street trader in 1980, forty years ago.

And if you like this, the same guy has a lot of great videos in which he interviews average folks about a variety of subjects. He’s been doing this stuff for a long time. These clips are like windows into the real past, not the over-produced film and television that most of us are used to seeing.

Okay, that wraps up Wednesday. I’ll be back tomorrow with more!