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Fare thee well 2022

Jim here – this is my last Apex Money for 2022 and I want to say it’s been a pleasure sharing the fun, weird, (hopefully) educational, and sometimes quirky articles that I find on the internet. It’s been a pleasure. I hope you have a restful and relaxing remainder of your 2022.

Next week, J.D. returns with a smatter of gems!

When I Get Stupid [Richard Connor on Humble Dollar] – “Second, we should make our finances as “stupid-proof” as possible to prevent disastrous investing or spending mistakes that could derail our retirement. Mandell presents evidence that, on average, our capability to make financial decisions involving credit peaks at age 53. Our decision-making ability with investments peaks later, at age 70.”

‘Worse than feared’: Brexit to blame for £33bn loss to UK economy, study shows [] – “Mr Springford, author of the study, added: “There is a gap between the things politicians want to say about Brexit and what the data tells us. I think it’s become impossible to argue that Brexit has not hurt the UK economy.”” Politicians are not economists. They’re experts at getting elected.

And as my last share of the year, I must offer up this gem from a TED talk.

You Don’t Actually Know What Your Future Self Wants [Shankar Vedantam | TED] – I’m a huge fan of Shankar Vedantam and his podcast, Hidden Brain, is fascinating. This video is really funny.

See you next year!