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Even “Experts” Measure Stupidly

Our first article digs into the math behind the well worn “statistic” that active funds don’t beat index funds.

The statement is still mostly true, the math behind lacks a bit of… shall we say, rigor.

Even “Experts” Measure Stupidly [The Best Interest] – “how many mutual funds beat more than 75% of other funds in each of 5 straight years, 2017 – 2022. Answer: none.

The average person might say, “Well shit! All the more reason to drink the passively-managed Index Fund Kool Aid!”

Go ahead and drink. It won’t hurt you. Index funds are great. But the NYT is (probably unknowingly) using terrible, misleading math. It’s the third kind of lie. Bad math obfuscates a more important, nuanced truth.”

Practice Frugal Wealth [Financial Tortoise] – “But one of the big dilemmas that many of us will face once you have a sizable amount of wealth is this; the temptation to let the world know how successful we are. Before you couldn’t afford it, but now that fancy new car keeps catching your eye. Maybe your parents might finally come around to praising you instead of criticizing you for your frugal lifestyle? Or how about that huge home down the street that always seemed to have all the toys? It’s finally on the market. And you can finally afford the downpayment. Why not go for it right? You only live once.

But this is where I would caution all of us and recommend we all continue to practice the principle of Frugal wealth. Where despite how wealthy you become, you continue to live out the life of frugality.”

10 Things That Are 100% A Scam But Accepted In Society [A Dime Saved] – “Have you ever been living your life and then suddenly thought, this is a scam? This can’t be real? There are some things that are so part of our society and our everyday life. Still, we just accept them as normal because they’re so ingrained in our society or because everyone else accepts it, and we can’t really do anything about it?” This post got me angrier the longer I read it! 😂