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Everything You Can’t Have

Everything You Can’t Have [Morgan Housel] – “In 1905, author William Dawson wrote in his book *The Quest for The Simple Life* about how the hardest thing to understand about money is the thrill of the chase. Something you can easily afford brings less joy than something you must save and struggle for. “The man who can buy anything he covets values nothing that he buys,” Dawson wrote.”

Why Did We Care? 10 Things We Let Go of As We Age [Partners in Fire] – “One of the most significant benefits of getting older is realizing what matters and what doesn’t. Some of the things we cared so much about as kids seem unimportant as we age, making us wonder why we ever even bothered in the first place.”

Gone Fishing. [Cole Schafer] – “I think the reason the world feels less magical than it ever has before is because we aren’t in it for the process nor the craft nor the work nor the experience. We’re in for the tricks. […] What nobody realizes though––and I think this was something my Fly Fishing guide was trying desperately to teach me––is that the magic isn’t in the trick but the process.”