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Everyone Into The Grinder

I really can’t argue with the merits of the first post.

If you are wealthy, you may not want to go into the grinder but you can’t argue against the fact that things would change (for the better) if everyone were forced into the same system.

Do we really need to take off our shoes and belt off just because we didn’t want to pay for TSA Precheck? Are those liquids and laptops that much more dangerous? That’s an easy example but what about lawyers? Do we deserve a lesser punishment because we can pay more for a better lawyer rather than use an overworked public defender?

Everyone Into The Grinder [How Things Work, by Hamilton Nolan] – “One of the most direct ways to improve a flawed system is simply to end the ability of rich and powerful people to exclude themselves from it. If, for example, you outlawed private schools, the public schools would get better. They would get better not because every child deserves to have a quality education, but rather because it would be the only for rich and powerful people to ensure that their children were going to good schools. The theory of “a rising tide lifts all boats” does not work when you allow the people with the most influence to buy their way out of the water. It would be nice if we fixed broken systems simply because they are broken. In practice, governments are generally happy to ignore broken things if they do not affect people with enough power to make the government listen. So the more people that we push into public systems, the better.”

Need to break up with a financial advisor? Here’s a script you can use (courtesy of Money With Katie):

How to Break Up With Your Financial Advisor [Stash Wealth]

I love Costco (we just went yesterday!) but it’s been ages since I got a hot dog there. It’s not that I dislike hot dogs but I’m a bit of a snob now. I need the bun to be toasted and for the hot dog to have a bit of char… but many you really can’t beat $1.50.

The Enduring Enigma of Costco’s $1.50 Hot Dog and Soda Combo [Mental Floss] – “Simple. When it comes to hot dogs, Costco doesn’t price according to what the market will bear. They price according to their own cost and according to the value the hot dogs can afford them.” (they sell 4 times more than all MLB stadiums combined)