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Every girl’s crazy about a sharp-dressed man.

Are you ready to RUUUUUUMMMMMBLLLLLLE, money nerds?!?!? If so, you’ve come to the wrong place. We don’t rumble around here. All we do is share the best money stories from across the web. Today, let’s talk about clothing!

How to buy clothes that are built to last. [New York Times, so possible paywall] — “The concept of ‘slow fashion’ has emerged over the past decade as a kind of counterbalance to fast fashion. The idea: slow down the rapid pace of clothing consumption and instead buy fewer more durable items…In a culture accustomed to the ephemeral, how can shoppers select clothes that are built to last? Here’s what to consider.

The benefits of buying used: A guide to shopping at thrift stores. [Frugalwoods] — “I’m a known thrifter…Since becoming Mrs. Frugalwoods, I’ve tried to buy everything second-hand. This doesn’t always work out and sometimes I choose to buy things new (such as my mattress), but on the whole, my household is awash in used goods.”

The minimalist’s guide to dressing for work. [The Luxe Strategist] — “Over the years, I realized I never needed to buy a separate set of outfits to feel good in business casual environments. Instead, I could buy a few key pieces and mix them with my regular clothes. And mixing the two meant that I could not only infuse my personal style at work, but also still feel comfortable and confident.” [See also: How to find hidden gems at thrift stores.]

Men who used to not care about fashion: Is dressing well worth the time and effort? [/r/malefashionadvice/ on Reddit] — “The way I see it, fashion is a want, not a need. and because I live by this ‘buy needs, not wants’, I have this pessimistic view towards fashion. So I would like to hear from those who were in my position and their experiences with changing fashion into a priority.” [Related: An interview with a guy who wears the same everything every day.]

Me? I used to buy all of my clothes at Costco. Cheap is good, right? After my divorce, though, I started to care more about dressing well. Turns out, I liked looking good. (It’s no joke that every girl’s crazy about a sharp-dressed man.) The current problem is that my nice clothes don’t fit! That’s okay, though. I’m on the weight-loss train and I should be able to fit into my fashionable duds by spring…