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Ending My 40s…

Hey Plutus Family! It’s not too late to join us for our Content Creator Happy Hour PLUS in downtown Los Angeles tonight, November 16th at 7pm.

As always, tickets are free, but extremely limited. All attendees will be entered in a drawing for a $100 gift card! That’s a new twist. RSVP in advance to qualify.

Register for Plutus Voices Los Angeles here.

Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week.

When the Existential Feeling Get Heavy: How to Feel Happier Every Day. [Live FI Now] – “All of the goals I’m working towards were exciting to me when I set them (and are still worthy of pursuing) but sometimes the progress feels slow, and I find my motivation waning. I fall back on discipline when motivation swings back and forth, but really, I think the missing element here is excitement. What is life, if not exciting? Nothing but a mere existence, no? So how do we find excitement in our day-to-day lives and feel happier every day?” (Submitted by J. Money.)

Ending My 40s… [Money and Meaning] — “I don’t know what the next decade will bring, but I know that, me, my 49-year-old self cannot imagine it. And that is a wondrous freedom. FIRE gave me my financial liberation, but the real liberation has been surrendering to the call and letting go. Giving a grateful yes to everything given, including, especially, the things I did not want. It is only then had I understood the wonder of wings, the miracle of flight.” (Submitted by J. Money.)

5 Purchases ALWAYS Worth the Money. [Bravely Go] — “”We love a money saving tip, but there are definitely things that are worth spending lots of money on. Things that make your life richer, better, and easier. Here are 5 things that may have a higher upfront cost but are always worth the price.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)