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Eleven rules for buying an e-bike.

Howdy, Apexians, and welcome to another wild week. I know things in the world at large are still crazy. But so too are things in my personal life. While I continue to provide care for my sick cousin, my mother too has resumed her trips to the E.R.

Translation: While I’m snagging a few moments here on Sunday afternoon to share some recent articles, my posting this schedule this week may be…chaotic. I’ll do my best, though.

Let’s start by looking at some cool stuff I’ve had open in my browser for a couple of weeks now…

Eleven rules for buying an e-bike. [Ryan’s Blog] — “E-bikes are a big reason I’ve been able to go 11 years car-free. Owning [sixty] bikes has also allowed me to understand the differences between them, and I’ve advised hundreds on their own ebike purchase…Here are 11 rules for buying an ebike.”

Why gravel gardens are better than they sound. [The New York Times, so possible paywall] — “The don’t-need-to-do list for gravel gardens is not just about reduced weeding and watering duties. These are gardens that don’t require mulching or fertilizing either, and their edges are already defined, so they needn’t be cut each spring the way you would with a conventional bed adjacent to lawn.”

The professor who beat roulette. [The Hustle] — “He noticed that at the end of each night, casinos would replace cards and dice with fresh sets — but the expensive roulette wheels went untouched and often stayed in service for decades before being replaced. Like any other machine, these wheels acquired wear and tear. Jarecki began to suspect that tiny defects — chips, dents, scratches, unlevel surfaces — might cause certain wheels to land on certain numbers more frequently than randomocity prescribed.”

Let’s wrap things up on this Monday with a six-minute video from BBC Reel that explores why it’s almost impossible to lose things in Japan.

I understand 100% that all cultures have drawbacks, and Japan is no exception. But I find this particular aspect of their society so, so refreshing.

Okay, that’s it for today. Maybe we should play a game where we place bets on how many days I’m able to publish this week. I’m aiming for five. Will I manage to hit that target? 😉