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Don’t organize your inbox

I don’t organize my inbox with a few exceptions (I label tax-related stuff) – and now one of my favorite authors has validated my approach!

Why you shouldn’t organize your email [The Washington Post] – “When I left my desk I think [my inbox] had four emails. But what I don’t have is lots of folders. You can leave your email in your inbox or delete loads of stuff, put stuff you need to act on in a folder named action, and everything else you just archive. I think either works. It’s partly a matter of personality and partly a matter of habit. But what doesn’t work is this weird situation of, in trying to get your inbox to zero, you take your 17,000 emails and you start categorizing them and putting them into folders, which takes forever and makes precisely no difference in the likelihood you will find anything.” I’ve long been a fan of Tim Harford and this conversation covers a lot of different topics, more than just email.

The Opposite of the Latte Factor [Four Pillar Freedom] – “The problem with the latte factor, though, is that it emphasizes cutting out a tiny expense that is enjoyable for most people. So, despite investing more money each year using this method, your overall quality of life might take a dip.

Instead, what if you considered the opposite of the latte factor? That is, instead of cutting $1,825 from your existing level of spending each year, try earning an additional $1,825 each year.”

In times of need, you forget how badass you are.

To remember, try the Cookie Jar Method by David Goggins (it’s got some language packed into the two minute video):

If you don’t know who David Goggins is, this is his website and he certainly is a badass.

Now go be a badass and fill up that cookie jar!