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Don’t get a home warranty

We don’t have a home warranty and the only other friend who has had one had a good experience, but I recently read this blog post about Shu Chow’s experiencing taking his warranty company to arbitration. While I hope never to have to deal with something like this, it’s fascinating how casual it seemed.

So I Took a Huge Corporation to Arbitration. This is How it Went. [Shu Chow] – “Last Fall, my hot water heater started to leak. I called my home warranty company, (Hereafter, HWC. I KNOW, I KNOW, HOME WARRANTIES ARE NOT WORTH IT.) and due to a computer system failure that spanned multiple days, they were unable to send a contractor to fix my water heater. […] After about five calls of runarounds, I realized that customer service channels would not help me and I had use the legal system.”

3 Attainable Characteristics That Drastically Improved My Quality of Life [Route to Retire] – “Try new things / Adventurous spirit. By far, I think this is one of the best ways to increase your quality of life. “Stepping out of your comfort zone” is a phrase you hear tossed around quite a bit so it tends to get watered down somewhat. However, until you actually start doing it on a more regular basis, you might now realize just how powerful it really is.”

The astronomical price of diesel is making everything more expensive [NPR] – “You know the commercial that says America runs on a certain brand’s coffee and donuts? In truth, America runs on diesel. Just ask a trucker, a farmer or a factory owner. And right now, they are all hurting. That’s because the machines that power their businesses need diesel, which is commanding nosebleed level prices right now. At around $5.50 a gallon, diesel prices are up a whopping 75% more than last year and blew past all-time record recently.”